LERVIG - Paragon 2022 By Rackhouse

Paragon 2022 By Rackhouse

  • € 18,59

Paragon 2022 By Rackhouse

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  • Merk: LERVIG
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  • € 18,59

Paragon 2022 brings together bourbon barrel-aged barley wine and masterfully expresses notes of dried figs, raisins, and vanilla, complemented by caramel, toffee, and chocolate notes from the malt. The result is a symphony of flavors that envelops your palate, disguising the alcohol content with finesse. It’s a testament to our dedication to the old style and the artistry of brewing, encapsulated in every bottle.

Bierstijl Barleywine - Other
Alcoholpercentage 14.4
Land van Herkomst Norway
THT 24-10-2028
Verpakking Fles
Volume 375 ml
Barrel Bourbon
Bierstijl Barley Wine
Alcoholpercentage meer dan 10%