Bang The Elephant Brewing Co - The Hoff Method

The Hoff Method

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Bang The Elephant Brewing Co
The Hoff Method

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  • € 5,89
  • Statiegeld € 0,15

Introducing "The Hoff Method" - a refreshing IPA inspired by none other than the legendary David Hasselhoff. This quintessential cold IPA pays homage to the international icon who captivated millions of fans worldwide. Just like The Hoff himself, this beer is full of charisma, boasting a unique blend of hoppy flavors and crisp, cold refreshment. With its bold and assertive character, it's the perfect brew to embrace the spirit of adventure and unleash your inner Baywatch beachgoer. Grab a pint of The Hoff Method and transport yourself to a sun-soaked paradise, where even the most daring dreams can come true. Stay cool, stay adventurous, and embrace the irresistible allure of The Hoff Method IPA!

Bierstijl IPA - Cold
Alcoholpercentage 6.3
Land van Herkomst England
Bitterheid (IBU) 36
THT 30-06-2024
Verpakking Blik
Volume 440 ml
Bierstijl Cold IPA
Alcoholpercentage 5-8%