Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Barcode Copper & Wool 8720615261970

UT: 4.37

This imperial stout is aged to perfection in Willet, Ruby Port, and Carcavelos barrels. Infused with..

€ 11,89

Buckwheat Malt

UT: 3.93

This series made us revisit our roots. Stouts as it came to world, naked of adjuncts. But that doesn..

€ 6,19

Dark Side of the Island

UT: 3.7

What is this concoction? Smells tropical, mango and peach. Am I gOiNg crazzy?! Why is it black? My e..

€ 6,79

Fifth Dimension

UT: 4.11

A sip of Dr. Jekyll’s potion will orbit you into the multiverse. This beer was created with not 1 bu..

€ 11,69

Fryed Brain

UT: 4.03


€ 7,19

Lucky Tonka

UT: 3.91

Spring is here! Time to celebrate Kingsday, drink stout beer & feel lucky! Lucky Tonka carrying the ..

€ 6,49


UT: 3.87

Our baltic friends from Põhjala traveled to Alkmaar. They arrived early and before beers were drunk,..

€ 6,79

Raisin Awareness For Dried Grapes

UT: 3.84


€ 6,19

Salta Bananers

UT: 3.97

Beer and candy, sounds good right? We know it does. This beer combines the best of both worlds; Laph..

€ 11,69

You Made This

UT: 3.93

The voice of the people, this is your beer! Inspired by the famous Spanish Licor, we brewed you your..

€ 6,69

Weergeven 1 t/m 10 van in totaal 10