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Crank Crank the Juice Juice

  • € 5,69

Moersleutel Craft Brewery
Crank Crank the Juice Juice

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  • € 5,69

"You always thought that Popeye was cranking a can of spinach. He was not. They lied to you because you were still a child back then. The real story is that he was actually cranking a can our Crank the Juice IPA. Think about it, everyone likes a tasty refreshment over spinach, right?! Your parents just didn't want you to know about the wonderous world of craft beer. Now we told you. This time we brewed a double version of Crank the Juice. Strong like Popeye's arms. More malt. More hops. More body. More fruit. And no spinach. Cheers!"

Bierstijl IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy
Alcoholpercentage 8
Land van Herkomst Netherlands
Bitterheid (IBU) 35
THT 18-04-2023
Verpakkingsdatum 18-08-2022
Verpakking Blik
Volume 440 ml
Bierstijl New England (NEIPA)
IPA Sterkte Double
Alcoholpercentage 5-8%, 8-10%