Hop Hooligans - International Affairs

International Affairs

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Hop Hooligans
International Affairs

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  • € 6,09

Water, Grains (Extra Pale, Flaked oats, Wheat malt), Hops (Mandarina Bavaria, Monroe, Lilly, Bullion), Yeast (London Ale III) There goes Mr. Worldwide again! (not the bald one with fancy glasses, though) He's never that smooth when he's smuggling things around, but this time he outdid himself. Flicking his flip-flops at full speed in an airport terminal, shirt on backward, with heavily incriminating evidence pouring out all over. Pretty sure the fake mustache and glasses routine doesn't do much, either. Maybe there's no reason to hide this time? Maybe, just maybe, this time the goods are... local?!

Bierstijl IPA - New England / Hazy
Alcoholpercentage 6
Land van Herkomst Romania
Bitterheid (IBU) 20
THT 22-07-2023
Verpakking Blik
Volume 500 ml
Bierstijl New England (NEIPA)
Hopsoorten Mandarin Bavaria, Bullion, Lilly, Monroe
IPA Sterkte Single